Peeling Foam Massage

Peeling foam massage gives you the opportunity to gain a new skin. It allows your skin to be purified from dead cells, to breathe and to have a healthier skin with a more vivid appearance. Clogging occurs in the pores with the accumulation of wastes such as dust, sweat, dirt and toxic substances in the skin layer. With the scrub and foam massage, these blocked pores on the skin are opened and the skin cleansed from dead cells gives the opportunity to fresh cells.

Clay Massage

Clay, which is the source of the beauty of Aphrodites and Cleopatras in ancient times, was one of the natural mixtures that added beauty to the sultans during the Ottoman Empire. The clay massage that gives you minerals that you cannot get from food with the natural minerals it contains, makes your skin smoother than before. With regular use, it solves skin problems such as acne, blackheads, sun spots. In order for your skin to reach the beauty that suits the sultans, you should try the clay massage.

Salt Massage

Most of us are unaware that salt, which is even a guest of proverbs, is not only friendly to our dishes but also friendly to our skin. When applied with a suitable salt mixture, the salt massage will moisturize your skin and make it even smoother. In addition, the rejuvenating effect of massage will always make you look young and beautiful.

Honey Massage

We present honey massage, which is used as one of the traditional therapy methods of Mongolians, by blending it with the palace culture. The honey massage that nourishes your skin with the vitamins and minerals it contains will both accelerate your blood circulation and you will apply botox to your skin in a harmless way in natural ways.

Foot massage

It is a fact that we do not take sufficient care of our feet, which we constantly load during the day. Our feet, which are linked to most parts of our body, can also be the cause of your headache and menstrual pain. When done with appropriate methods, foot massage reduces these tension and pain. In Saray Hammam, you can get a more comfortable mind and relieve your tension by leaving yourself in the hands of the master.

Skin care (Woman)

Due to their busy lifestyle, many people cannot give enough care to their skin. In this case, they have to go from store to store for small easy solutions. Our cure, prepared with natural nourishing ingredients, is good for your wrinkles, oily, acne and blackhead problems and moisturizes your skin and makes you look younger.

Coffee Massage

Some days we cannot even count how much we drink the coffee, which brings us to our senses with its fresh scent and refreshing effect. It will be a great pleasure for us to introduce this beautiful taste to your skin. Our beauty cure, which we have prepared, when combined with skillful hands, tightens your skin and makes you look younger. In addition, when applied regularly, coffee massage provides the removal of cellulite and provides a more vibrant skin.

Oil Massage

Stress, which has many effects on us from premature aging to distraction, is one of the biggest problems of our day. Oil massages are one of the best ways to get rid of this stress, even to end it permanently, and to attain the comfort and peace of the Palace. Our massages made with oils with fragrant scents stop the signs of aging, strengthen your immunity, accelerate blood circulation and heal your wounds faster.

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