Saray Hamam, which is one of the oldest baths in Ottoman History, is one of the two works that have survived from Saray-ı Atik architecture. The stone rooms where Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han was born and the Palace Bath carried the traces of the old palace (Saray-ı Atik) to the present day.
This historical building, which has survived from 1365 to the present day, is one of the most beautiful and oldest examples of Turkish bath architecture.

Saray Hamam is an Ottoman Heritage. The only structure that survived from the first Palace (Saray-ı Atik) period, built after the conquest of Edirne, is the Saray Hamam. This bath previously only served the palace, then opened to the public and was dedicated to Selimiye.

Some historians attribute the survival of this bath to the fact that it was used during the construction of Selimiye. It was added by Yıldırım Bayezid in the second half of the 14th century, within the land of the Old Palace built by Murat I between 1365-68. It is the only building that has survived intact from the Old Palace. With the demolition of the Old Palace and the construction of the Selimiye Mosque, it was included in the Sultan Selim Foundation and turned into a public bath.

Saray Hamam is one of the first examples of Turkish Bath Architecture that reached today in Edirne. It is a square planned double bath. It consists of the men's section to the west and the women's section to the east. Three shops, which are covered with a flat roof and adjacent to the western wall of the bath, are opened to the outside with large arches.

Historical Edirne Palace Bath serves for men and women.

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